Maximum quality

With Coromina you will have a product of the highest quality and always consistent. We offer a wide variety of flours for professionals only.

Local wheat

We use only local wheat and selected pure varieties, encouraging a sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture, ensuring complete traceability from the seed.

Technical advice

We organize training sessions and demonstrations tailored to our client’s needs and market trends so that our clients get the most out of our flours and improve their business.


Can Trull Specials

Unique flours designed at our Can Trull Bakery that allow artisan bakers to create clearly differentiated products.


Conventional flours with maximum regularity essential in any bakery for the production of traditional breads.

Whole Grain

100% whole grain flours for the production of whole grain products.


High quality organic flours. Thanks to the wide range of products, a 100% organic bakery is now possible.

Stone mill

100% stone-milled flours from the Moulin de Colagne, ensuring the best quality and consistency of the market. Unmatched and unique.


Who said the best pizza flour had to be Italian? These unique creations will fulfill the aspirations of the most demanding pizzaiolos.


Products specially designed to produce the traditional products of each area.


The most consistent and productive flours for churros makers, enduring all kinds of production processes.

Other cereals

Spelt, rye, seeds, durum flour and semolina, corn, quinoa, buckwheat… who can avoid innovation with products like these?

Custom flours

Tell us what you need and we will design an exclusive flour for you so that you can further differentiate your products in the market.


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