Social Responsibility


The Lluís Coromina Foundation was constituted in 2007 by the businessman Lluís Coromina Isern. It carries out a range of activities in the fields of arts, handiccaped people and preservation of nature, animals and natural landscapes.

It has three locations: in Banyoles, the “Eat Art space” and the “El Puntal: laboratori de les arts”; and in Porqueres the temporary animal shelter “La Perpinyana”.

The first is specialized in arts and food with a multidisciplinary vision, where authors such as the Roca brothers, Ferran Adrià, Andreu Carulla, Rosalía Benet and Francesc Guillamet have showcased their works.

El Puntal has been conceived as a creative laboratory that houses initiatives like the film producer Andergraun from renowned movie director Albert Serra; the theatre companies Cor de Teatre and Eironeia from director Joan Solana; music events organizer Alter Sinergies, which organized the Festival de la veu de Banyoles (a)phonica; and special art projects in partnership with the foundations Mas Casadevall and Fundació Estany. It also holds and shows the artistic works of notorious local artists like Lluís Vilà and Carles Fontserè.

The temporary animal shelter La Perpinyana works in partnership with Fundació Mona and Faada Association.