More than 125 years by your side

At Farinera Coromina, we believe in quality, artisanal, and healthy bread. In the 21st century, we believe that nutrition must be based on three fundamental pillars: quality, health, and respect for the environment Only in this way can we ensure that our children grow up as they deserve, and we make the planet a better place for them.

Founded in 1897, Farinera Coromina stands out for its family character, spirit of innovation, and constant desire for improvement. Since 2013, Lluís Coromina Unzueta, the 5th generation of the founding family, has been leading the company with the aim of maintaining the close relationship and personalized approach to customers that has always characterized us, establishing us as a reference in the industry and a partner to the best bakers.

The main values of the company are teamwork, communication, and commitment to the world around us.

Our mission is to make life easier for bakers by supplying them with high-quality flours that help them stand out and produce top-quality products, while also advising them throughout the entire process.



We exclusively source local wheat, selecting the finest varieties and controlling the entire value chain from sowing to ensure maximum quality, thus contributing to sustainable and environmentally-friendly agriculture. Additionally, thanks to our agreement with our own energy supplier, Agrienergia, all the energy used in our mill comes exclusively from renewable sources.

As a result, more than a century later, Farinera Coromina remains the preferred partner for bakers seeking to distinguish themselves through quality, accompanying them throughout the process to create products that win over an increasingly demanding consumer.


With a highly qualified human team, we not only offer high-quality flours, but we also provide technical advice to our customers at our Can Trull Bakery, which has become one of the benchmarks of artisanal baking, where innovation and training are constant. Currently, more than 1,000 professionals in the sector have enjoyed it, learning and consolidating the use of high-quality flours and techniques.

The eagerness to improve and innovate leads us to present new top-quality products to the market every year. Therefore, in 2016, we received recognition for our innovative efforts with the Technological Agri-food Innovation Award, granted by the Generalitat de Catalunya, for the launch of the Garrotxa Flour.


Local product

Our wheat

We are passionate about wheat and love to first hand experience the origin and the way farmers cultivate it. We work closely with local farmers and cooperatives in the south of France to select bread wheat varieties and the agricultural process before sowing, aiming to enhance the quality of the wheat and obtain the highest quality flours that our customers desire.

In addition to trusted suppliers in the regions of Barcelona, Girona, and Lleida, over the past years, we have established a strong relationship with the main farmer cooperatives in the southern regions of France, which provide us with high-quality bread wheat.

Sustainable agriculture

Farinera Coromina has a wheat variety testing field in Banyoles, where we study the evolution and behavior of over 30 different varieties of bread wheat. Throughout the year, we conduct thorough monitoring and provide farmers with information about the progress of each variety and potential issues they may encounter during the wheat’s development. At the end of the season, we compile a statistical summary and publish our recommendations for planting. This essential information will help the farmer choose the most profitable crop for them.

History of the Lluís Coromina Foundation

Social Commitment

The Lluís Coromina Foundation, established by the entrepreneur Lluís Coromina Isern in 2007, engages in activities in the fields of arts, care for people, preservation of nature and animals, and landscape conservation.

The Foundation has three headquarters: In Banyoles, the Eat Arte Space and El Puntal: a laboratory for the arts; and in Porqueres, the temporary animal shelter La Perpinyana.

The first one specializes in art and food-related topics from a multidisciplinary approach. Renowned authors such as the Roca brothers, Ferran Adrià, Andreu Carulla, Rosalía Banet, and Francesc Guillamet have exhibited in the space.

El Puntal serves as a creative laboratory that has hosted the film production company Andergraun – Albert Serra -, the theatrical groups Coro de Teatro and Eironeia – Joan Solana -, the production company Alter Sinergias – organizer of the Banyoles Voice Festival (a)phònica -, as well as special art projects in collaboration with the Mas Casadevall Foundation and the Estany Foundation. It also promotes the artistic works of Lluís Vilà, Rafael Marquina, and Carles Fontserè.

The La Perpinyana animal shelter benefits from the collaboration of the Mona Foundation and the Faada Association.

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